NCPC 2018 @ LTU

6 October 2018 11:00 - 16:00

General information

Registration is now closed.

What is NCPC?

NCPC stands for Nordic Collegiate Programming Contest and is a coding compatition that encompasses all the nordic countries.

The contest is made to test your algorithmic coding skills in tricky tasks during 5 hours of competing.

For more information about the competition check out

Local competition

This years local competition organized by LUDD, which is LTUs Computer Society. We will be using the computerlab in A3019 for the competition. All compilers and IDEs that is usually available in the labs will also be available during the competition. You are not allowed to use your own laptop.

Allowed material

For questions about what is allowed, please contact the site director.


This years local compatition is sponsored by Grepit, who will provide us with prizes, and SRT (Department of Computer Science, Electrical and Space Engineering) at LTU, who will provide the food.


Time Description
10:00 Computerlab, A3019, opens for contestants
10:30 Computer test and setup (get familier with the setup)
11:00 Competiton starts
12:30 Lunch
16:00 Competiton stop
16:15 Clousure and award ceremony


The local competition is open to all LTU-students and staff and is completely free.
To register, first come up with an awesome team name and then head on over to:, and follow the steps.

If any problems arises with your registration, please contact the site director.

Facebook event

If you want to show your participation on facebook, we have an event:

Previous problemsets


Solutions (slides)
Solutions (program code)
Judges test-data

Contact - Site director

Name: Edvin Ã…kerfeldt


Telegram: @ironedde